3 Best Movies Apps To Get Best Movie Experience

An ideal way to laze and relax definitely is to watch movies. And there’s no better way of watching your favourite flick than on your iPad or iPhone. You’re going to have some complete fun experience and keep off boredom. There are many movies apps. But not all are created equal. Which ones, therefore, are going to make you enjoy a hearty movie watching experience? Read on…

#1. ShowBox

This is a fantastic app for people who enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and cartoons online.

It’s feature Graphical User Interface provides an amazing user experience. This doesn’t need any sign-up or log in options to allow you download the movies or TV shows you need to watch.

ShowBox Library has massive collections of popular TV programs, movies, news and trailers. You are able to watch your favourite movies and videos on the iPhone. Also, you can easily download your favourite TV series and movies to watch later.

However, despite these massive collections, among the things people don’t like about Showbox are ads. Most people hate seeing ads when watching streaming content. The ads, though are among things keeping ShowBox APK for PC in business. The app does not charge subscription fee like Hulu and Netflix. Therefore you may use it for free. But using ShowBox, the ads are small price you have to pay.

#2. MovieBox

You can sit, relax and enjoy best movie experience with MovieBox for free. You can also download your favorite TV shows and movies where you may view them later using the app. When you install MovieBox app on your mobile gadget or PC, you are going to enjoy streaming movies plus other programs from a wide range of sources.

This app provides you different features and benefits. First, as has been mentioned, it’s a free app, and therefore you can enjoy your movies without spending money. It provides full HD high-quality videos depending on your requirements. Furthermore, the app updates on daily basis TV series and movies. You may stop or/and pause downloads. Additionally, you may download the app on Android and Apple platforms. It has a user- friendly interface.

The app offers three ways through which you can download favourite videos from the internet. It also lets you stream the videos plus internet radio within its program. However, on the flipside, the app doesn’t detect and download videos automatically from the internet browser.

#3. Cinema Box HD

When you love watching your movies online, and you like streaming those new smash hits, you have a friend in Cinema Box HD app for Android and iPhone. The app is outstanding because it allows quick and effortless experience when watching your movies.

Cinema Box HD has lots of high-quality features plus utilities which make movie viewing experience relaxing and free of stress. It hosts massive collections of HD videos with several latest movies. The app is also free and may be downloaded on a host of platforms including Android and iOS.

Its HD video quality is quite significant when you need to enjoy quality movies. Each single video Cinema Box HD provides is available on 720p HD. The app itself is extremely user-friendly, and it gets regularly updated with the latest content.

However, this app is monetized through displaying mobile ads. Therefore, you have to be ready to become little annoyed by the ads that will prop up when watching your movie.

The above are some three top apps you may use when you want to enjoy watching movies on your devices. What’s important is that they provide easy plus stress-free means of relaxing with your favourite movie. And most importantly, they’re free and support various platforms.

Which is the Best Water Softener for a Medium Household? Our Top 3 Picks

Water is the vital source to living, and we need to focus on the quality of water that we intake on daily basis. If we talk about our regular source of water, what we get to intake is harsh water that contains elements which harm our health in a lot of ways, and thus, the importance of water softener comes in existence. The cause of water becoming hard and ill for use is the presence of magnesium, calcium, and iron deposits, for the removal of which water softeners are used. Now is the big question, which is the Best Water Softener for a Medium Household? Well, we bring you the answers to the reviews of the Top 3 picks in the said category.

Top 3 Water Softeners for Medium Household!

Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener System

This Fleck water softener is one of our top picks, as it owns the features which are the most trusted ones, and found effective in delivering results exactly as what a water softener is expected to do, let’s have a look into the product specifications in detail;

  • This device comes with a programmable cycle, it is meant to allow the user to set the most suitable time when the water softener is supposed to work and go through regeneration.
  • Talking of medium households and large households, this water softening device is fit for all.
  • It has the capacity to generate 48k ounces of impurities per gallon.
  • It contains SXT controller, LCD for easy monitoring and control, internal power backup, and touchpads that make programming control easier.
  • This water softener tank is made of poly glass material, it comes with 10 years manufacturing warranty and also is the most easier to maintain.
  • The safety float feature is enabled to prevent excessive filling of drain.

The above-mentioned features are definitely the most attractive advantages of this product. However, there’s a very few facts that also add to be the disadvantages attached to this water softener.


  • It is heavy and hence difficult to carry
  • It also isn’t meant for smaller homes, because of the size it owns.

Nuvo H20 Dphb Home System

Our yet another top pick is this product. It owns a salt-free system which prevents the building up of limescale, which can be a source of damage to your plumbing system. Let’s know the system in detail through the features mentioned below;

  • This water softener has the capacity as large as 50,000 gallons.
  • This device is eco-friendly and one of the most preferred devices.
  • It has compact size, and the design is made easy to install. It does perform its function of making the hard water soft, and at the same time retains the essential water minerals keeping it good to be consumed.
  • The cartridges are easy to replace and 20 inches in size. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and uses no salt in the complete process.
  • The easy installation process allows the user to do the installation all by yourself. Saves a lot of efforts and money as well.


  • The cartridges might not last long.

Morton System Saver M30 Water Softener System

The Morton system save M30 is one of the most suitable water softener systems for medium and large households. Know about it in detail through the features mentioned below;

  • This water softener works at the rate to deliver 11 gallons per minute.
  • It owns power to work for eight continuous hours without power.
  • It uses salt 50 percent lesser that other competitive water softeners.
  • It has both automatic and manual regeneration.
  • The device is very easy to install and owns a longer lifespan delivering the best water softening results.


  • It heavier than other similar water softener devices.
  • Is found to be a little difficult to program.

Thus, these are the top 3 picks that you can choose from and intake much more healthier water than before.

Top 10 Best Budget Gaming Monitors

Buying a budget monitor with good features is a task on itself. When it comes to gaming, the monitor you choose plays an important role in improving your gaming experience. If you have a monitor of low quality, you will end up playing games with blurred images or with a lot of flickers. Trust me, it’s not fun.

Now, what exactly are the features you need to look into before purchasing a gaming monitor?

First and foremost, Panel size and resolution. The bigger the size, the better. You will never regret buying a large gaming monitor if you love gaming.

Secondly, always check the response time and refresh rate of the monitor if before purchasing it. If you want to have the best gaming experience, buy monitors with lower response rate and higher refresh rates.

PS: For gaming nirvana, buy monitors with a response time of 1ms and 144Hz refresh rate.

Before buying a gaming monitor, decide on which type of panel do you want. There are three types of panels in US market:

  • Twisted Nematic(TN): These kind of monitors are cheap and consume very less power, making it one of the most preferred option over other two type of monitors. The disadvantage is that for best visual experience, you need to look at the screen from a straight angle.
  • In-Plane Switching(IPS): This kind of panels have better viewing angles. You need not worry about seeing a white cat as a black cat just because you are looking from a different angle. Just kidding. The disadvantage of this type of panel is the pricing. They are more expensive than Twisted Nematic type panel.
  • Vertical Alignment panels(VA): VA panel is well, the child of TN panel and IPS panel. They have better viewing angles than TN and it is more affordable than an IPS panel. The disadvantage is ghosting effect caused due to high response time between dark tones.

Last, but not the least, decide on whether you need Freesync or G-Sync technology-based panels. These two are technologies used to smooth out the video by removing the screen tears.

It’s hard to buy a budget monitor with all the features you want. That is why I am here to help you out. We have some of the best gaming monitor at a price ranging from $100-$3000 plus. However, I am going to focus on monitors ranging from $250 to $1500

  1. LG 38UC99-W

  • Panel size: 38 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1600
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response rate: 5ms
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Price: $1500.00

LG 38UC99-W monitor comes at a price of $1500 which makes it the most expensive monitor to be featured in this list. However, the performance of this monitor lives up to the expectation of the gamer. There are several fancy features meant for serious gamers. Also, this monitor has free sync enabled. The cherry on the top for gamers! The only thing which I found at a disadvantage is the warranty period, the manufacturer provides only 1-year warranty.

  1. Acer XR382CQK

  • Panel size: 37.5 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1600
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response rate: 5ms
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Price: $1300.00

This monitor is slightly less expensive than the LG 38UC99- W. The extensive features make it worth every penny you spend. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty also.

  1. Acer Predator X34

  • Panel size: 34 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1440
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response rate: 4ms
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Price: $1299.00

This monitor is of In-Plane Switching panel type and it supports G-sync technology which will enable you a non-teary and smooth gaming experience. If you ask me what is the one thing I did not like about this monitor, well it is the video inputs. The monitor has only two video inputs.

  1. AOC C3583FQ

  • Panel size: 35 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 160 Hz
  • Response rate: 4ms
  • Panel type: VA
  • Price: $800

Even though this curved monitor lacks USB port, it has multiple video inputs and it has FreeSync technology enabled to enhance your gaming performance.

  1. LG 34UC79G-B

  • Panel size: 34 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • Response rate: 5ms
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Price: $700

This monitor offers gamer-friendly features and multiple ports and also it has FreeSync enabled. Considering, the monitor offers several gamer-friendly features, it is a letdown that the monitor does not offer speakers and it has only a warranty of 1 year.

  1. Viewsonic XG2700-4K

  • Panel size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response rate: 5ms
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Price: $620

If you want a monitor with accurate color and grayscale performance, this monitor is meant for you. It also has an ergonomic stand. Sadly, this monitor also doesn’t offer speakers. However, if you are looking for ultra-high definition quality and smooth performance, you should go for this monitor

  1. Asus ROG Swift PG258Q

  • Panel size: 24.5 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz
  • Response rate: 1ms
  • Panel type: TN
  • Price: $600

With fully adjustable stand and G sync enabled panel, this monitor offers excellent gaming performance and very fast refresh rate. The downsides of this monitor are the limited input-output ports and slightly skewed greens.

  1. Dell 24 Gaming Monitor S2417DG

  • Panel size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Refresh rate: 165 Hz
  • Response rate: 1ms
  • Panel type: TN
  • Price: $570

This monitor has bezel-free cabinet along with the adjustable stand. It also has G-sync enabled. The gaming performance is so strong that it is going to blow your mind away. However, this monitor has a downside of limited video inputs and slightly skewed greens.

  1. Samsung LC 27 F591FDN

  • Panel size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response rate: 4ms
  • Panel type: VA
  • Price: $300.00

With a stylish and sleek design, this monitor is surely going to grab your eyeballs. This is one of the best monitor available in the market for this price range. It has FreeSync enabled and it has wide viewing angles.  With a refresh rate of 60 Hz and response rate of 4ms, you sure are going to love the gaming experience with this monitor.

  1. Asus VG245H

  • Panel size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • Response rate: 1ms
  • Panel type: TN
  • Price: $279.00

This monitor wins the best budget monitor award hands down. The size is quite small compared to other panels mentioned in the list, however, the monitor has several features including FreeSync. Remember gaming nirvana? Yes, this monitor has a response rate of 1ms and refresh rate of 144Hz.

What more do you want? That’s it for this article. That was our list of the best budget monitors you can get for gaming. Now you are the judge. Choose the one according to your needs and preferences. Do you think you have everything you need to get a perfect gaming experience, well you could be wrong. We have a list of some must-have PC gaming accessories that will turn your gaming experience up a notch.

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